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WRC News: VW, You’ve Just Won Dakar. What next?


Just prior to the start of this year’s Dakar Rally, Volkswagen announced that it might be interested in competing in the WRC. However, they were cautious about forecasting their future, making sure to add that they didn’t intend to make an decisions about whether to compete in WRC until after Dakar had been completed.

You probably think you know how this story ends from the headline, right? Follow the jump to see if you’re right. ;)

Of course, you know what happened next: VW managed to take both first and second with their Touaregs (astutely driven by Giniel de Villiers and Mark Miller) at Dakar. Had twice-crowned former WRC champion Carlos Sainz not had the unfortunate experience of crashing out a mere two days before completion of the rally, they would most likely have taken third as well. Not too shabby, eh? VW didn’t think so, either. According to team boss Kris Nissen, “We have looked at the World Rally Championship and we have been keen to investigate whether [WRC competition] would be possible as well as the Dakar or instead of Dakar.” A decision has not yet been officially announced, but CarEnvy’s Magic 8 ball is saying that “signs point to yes.” We did, however, have the unfortunate experience of having it run over by Carlos Sainz as he crashed last week, so we wouldn’t quote us on that just yet, however. ;)


Also of great interest in the brave new world of WRC is where Petter Solberg is going to go. Autosport reported that he’s currently in talks to drive a Proton Satria S2000 in 2010. Proton director Datuk Hj Adbul Razak Dawood said last week that “The Satria is not known as a performance car, but we have a very big following in Asia and this car would turn that into the sort of cult following that Subaru developed.” If that does turn out to be the case, let’s hope that Proton pays a little more attention to aesthetics for their road cars as the CarEnvy.ca offices are currently still running low on airsick bags after the Legacy Concept unveiling.



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