Video: BREAKING NEWS! Return of Black Stig |

Video: BREAKING NEWS! Return of Black Stig


The Telegraph has revealed that Black Stig has made a miraculous return from the dead. Which of course, then, leads one to a single question:

What will become of White Stig? Perhaps they’ll fuse to become an ultra-powerful, GoBot-like configuration known as Grey Stig, but somehow, I doubt this bodes well for our friend Ben Collins White Stig.

milla-jovovich-resident-evil This could also actually be the first sighting of Zombie Stig. If he does start talking, and if the words out of his mouth sound much like mumbling and/or he speaks of the delectable taste of “brains,” chances are good that the Top Gear presenters would do well to call in Milla Jovovich immediately for protection detail.



  1. Peter says:

    He’s finally back! My prayers have been answered! Although Black Stig is a much, much worse driver than White Stig…

  2. Stirling says:

    I imagine that the Black Stig may have been tutored at the bottom of the sea. Top Gear’s Stig bar is set much higher these days.

    Also, props to whoever set this up for remembering that the Black Stig left one glove floating when he drove off the Invincible.

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