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Review: 2010 Volvo XC60 T6


By Kevin Harrison

What is the first thing you notice when you look at Volvo’s latest offering? The large signature LED tail lights?  The strong character lines in the side profile? The 18 inch multi-spoked wheels? There are lots of things that definitely catch your eye with this CUV, but would you believe that the first thing I noticed right away when I saw it in person was actually the emblem on the front grille?

It’s huge, at least in comparison to other Volvos.  A lot of manufacturers are growing the size of their symbols (most notably Mercedes-Benz). But I had to wonder, this vehicle is stunning to look at, why would Volvo want to distract me with a larger emblem?

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Rexall Edmonton Indy 2009: A Photographic Retrospective


The Rexall Edmonton Indy has been a part of the Edmonton summer scene since the inaugural race in 2005. This year’s event was attended by some 100,000 people at the makeshift track at City Centre Airport. Although I was unable to attend the event myself, Ian O’Donnell had a Corner 11 all to himself with which to record the events photographically. His gallery of is below.

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Video: SLR McLaren Stirling Moss

You remember the Mercedes SLR McLaren Stirling Moss don’t you? No? Well allow Bruno Spengler to remind you.

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F1 News: Auf Wiedersehen, BMW.


This probably won’t surprise many people, but BMW are quitting F1 at the end of 2009, it was announced yesterday.

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Breaking: Schumacher In, Massa Out For European GP And Rest Of Season


After intense speculation as to who would take Felipe Massa’s spot at next month’s European GP in Valencia, Ferrari has announced that 40-year-old Michael Schumacher will take the seat. Although some thought that it might be Fernando Alonso taking the seat, the good money was on Schumi. It also appears that the 7-time World Champion will take the seat “until the Brazilian driver will be able to race again”, which could be a long time considering 1.5 lbs of flying suspension may have ended Massa’s career indefinitely.

Now, we wait to see if Schumi can find the magic to make an uncompetitive Ferrari car win again.

[Vancouver Sun]

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F1 News: So, Who’s Subbing for Massa?


First, the good news: Felipe Massa’s left eye seems to be OK. His doctor reports that he’s opened it and seems more alert and communicative in multiple languages with family and friends, which is fantastic news.

But it’s still unlikely that he’ll return to F1 for the 2009 season. Hopefully he’ll be able to race again once he’s fully recovered, but in the meantime, Ferrari have to find someone else to fill in for Massa alongside teammate Kimi Räikkönen. Luckily, there are 4 weeks until the next F1 event, which will be the European Grand Prix at Valencia, so Ferrari have a little time to think things through.

Who will it be?

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Ferrari 458 Italia: The F430 Replacement Is Here!


It’s here, it’s finally here. After six long years, Ferrari is set to replace its entry-level F430 with the 458 Italia. Why the newest Fezza doesn’t get the “F” designation, like its two predecessors, is a mystery that can only be answered by the men from Maranello.

Naming conventions aside, the power figures, weight, acceleration times, videos, and pictures are below.

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Porsche Panamera: Canadian Pricing


As controversial as its looks may be, the Panamera is getting some pretty respectable reviews thus far. It seems to combine a previously unattainable combination of comfort, driving engagement, seating, utility, and build quality. Porsche, on its first attempt, have done something that Mercedes and BMW haven’t been able to do, even after 30+ years of trying. Now, Canadian pricing for the Panamera is available.

Is it attainable, or just plain silly? A list of the S, 4S, and Turbo models, as well as some options, is below.

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