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40th Anniversary Editions: Then (Pontiac GP) and Now (Nissan 370Z)

40z00Today Nissan announced the arrival of its 40th anniversary edition of the 370Z. Can you believe it’s been 40 years since the 240Z shouldered its way into the North American market with such novelties as reliability? Time flies, I know.

While the 370Z is stock form is a decent piece of hardware, the NISMO model is where Nissan really shows engineering prowess. So with both of those models already in showrooms, how will Nissan differentiate the anniversary edition and commemorate its heroic forefather?

And of equal importance, how will this 40th anniversary edition compare to other 40th anniversary editions?


Nissan has pulled out none of the stops for this commemorative edition. As if to slap its grandfather in the face, the 370Z 40th anniversary edition features special 19″ Rays wheels, special Quartz paint, special red leather interior, special red (red!) brake calipers, and a whack of special badges and special embroidery. Oh, and zero street cred. Who gives a flying fuck about red stuff? It has nothing to do with remembering the Zeds of the past. Which brings me neatly to Pontiac.


Nissan’s 370Z 40th anniversary edition is about as significant a distinction as the 40th anniversary edition of the Pontiac Grand Prix in 2002, as seen in my neighbourhood earlier today. At least the GP received chrome exhaust tips.


Oooh, and badging.


And isn’t that a NASCAR-inspired rear spoiler? You bet your “Win Sunday, Sell Monday” marketing mantra it is.


And the GP was supercharged! This is something that would have added much more distinction to the 370Z 40th anniversary edition. Nothing says “Look how special I am” like belt-driven forced induction.

Here’s to a 50th anniversary Nissan 430Z with its Koenigsegg CCX-esque twin-superchargers. L’chaim!

[Photo credits: Nissan (370Z), author (Pontiac GP)]



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