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Geneva Debut: Hyundai ix-onic


Hyundai makes good cars without expensive badges. The company started peddling its automotive wares in North America with the little Excel, which for 1986 in the United States could be had for $4995.00. It looked liked a lot of other boxes at the time, specifically the Toyota Corolla. Since then Hyundai has expanded up the food chain, copying bigger and better cars like two-generation-old Honda Accord (the Sonata) and most every luxury car since 1990 not made by BMW (the Genesis sedan).

Designed in Germany and debuting in Geneva is their latest facsimile, the ix-onic (say ick-sonic). Looking like the unholiest of holy unions between a Honda CRV and a Mazda3, it previews the next generation of the popular Tucson crossover.

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