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Game Review: Need For Speed: Shift – Part I

SHIFT_launch_AG_10_productdetail_wmHaving moved out of my family residence and into my own place (without cable television), I’ve had several options with how to dispense of my time. I have the option of whiling away the hours conferring with the flowers, studying, drinking beer, reading a book, or playing PS3. For the most part, I’ve been doing everything but the PS3 because I’ve had NHL 09 as my only game. Until yesterday, that is, when I purchased NFS Shift; a purchase meant to tide me over until Gran Turismo 5, if Polyphony ever decides to stop teasing us and release the fucking thing already. So how does NFS Shift stack up against my last simulated automotive time waste investment, Forza Motorsports 2?

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Video: Motor Trend Best Driver’s Car 2009

Got 14 minutes on your hands? Check out Motor Trend hack at defining “a driver’s car”, and their results. The cars in attendance are certainly well-picked. But did they pick the right winner? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Stick Shift: Interview With Eddie Alterman


Stick Shift, for those who don’t read Vanity Fair, is a column written by Brett Berk that deals with cars and the automotive industry from the perspective of an enthusiast. Sounds like CarEnvy, no? No, because Brett isn’t just any enthusiast, he’s a gay enthusiast. And that means that people listen to him. You see, people are drawn to opinions and perspectives that are different. We all listen to Jeremy Clarkson (or at least I do) because he hates every car every produced outside of Ol’ Blighty (with very few exceptions), so when he says that something is actually good, we all pipe up and listen attentively. The BMW 135i? The Nissan Murano? Both 5/5 stars from the big guy. Ferraris don’t get those kinds of scores, so there must be something special about those two.

But I’m getting side-tracked. Brett Berk is a true car enthusiast, he just happens to like other men. This actually makes his writing better because 90% of his articles are about himself and his life while only 10% is about the car he’s reviewing. See his article on his trip to Key West for Passover with his family and to drive the Merc S550, to see what I mean. This makes for massively entertaining articles. If I wanted a dry, car-centric review, I’d read Consumer Reports. The best writers make a story out of a review, just like Brett. And Jeremy.

Since I’m such a fan of Brett’s writing, I’ll be featuring his articles from time-to-time here on Today’s feature is Brett’s interview with his high school friend (and current editor of Car & Driver). Mr. Alterman replaced Csaba Csere when Mr. Csere left C&D after 28 years with the magazine, at the end of 2008. Check out the interview between Brett and Eddie! [Stick Shift: Eddie Alterman Interview]

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The Alien That Landed In 1984: Ferrari Testarossa


Not having been born yet, I wasn’t around to experience the alien landing of 1984, the Ferrari Testarossa. So 25 years later, on its silver anniversary, I’m going to delve into the design phenomenon that is the 4942 cc, mid-engined, flat-12 Testarossa - and you are cordially invited to join me.

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