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2009 Honda Insight Hybrid: What Your Future Looks Like


One of my very good friends swears by the notion that if she’s having any difficulties in working out which car to buy, all she has to do is drive the Toyota in the class she’s considering and she’ll instantly know she should buy anything but that.  Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that means she’d take this rather stylish 2009 Honda Insight Hybrid over the Toyota Prius any day.

Of course, that doesn’t mean anything to you, nor should it.  And there is the small matter of the FCX Clarity to consider.  But it’s good to have options, and until Honda unveils an even newer, better vision of what our future should look like (possibly called the Godsend, although the jury is still out on that particular badging), this, my friends, is it.

So what kind of Insight is Honda giving us?  Follow the jump to learn more and also see lots of pretty photos of the Euro-spec model.

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