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Teaser: New Grand Bentley (Arnage Replacement)


The Bentley Arnage has been around for a full decade now, which is plenty long enough in today’s rapidly changing market. So the crew from Crewe has decided that’s 10 years is long enough and that it’s time for a change. Personally, I think that the Arnage is still one of the quintessential luxury sedans. If you see someone getting out of the back seat of an Arnage, you know they’re the real deal. To me, the Conti GT stinks of brash, flash, new money, and it therefore doesn’t garner the same kind of respect. 

Here is the first teaser pic of the Arnage replacement, currently known as the Grand Bentley. Clearly, Bentley isn’t giving much away other than a big Flying B and squared off dimensions. Radical, I know. 

Stay tuned for more as the inevitable leaks, errr, leak.

In real news, as predicted Fiat now owns a chunk of Chrysler and the joint company has exited US bankruptcy protection with Sergio Marchionne as CEO.

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Editorial: Supercar – Peter’s Response


Stan, Stan, Stan. How could you be so wrong about so many cars and forget so many others. Clearly, your age is showing. For starters, forget about all those old cars. Yes, they have “character”, but that’s just another word for “electrical problems”. If you want a great GT car, how could you neglect the mighty SLR McLaren? Heck, if you’re mental adventurous enough, you might even go for the one we showed you on How Hard Can It Be? And you brushed off the American and German supercars like they were dandruff on your shoulder! I’m no American stalwart, but I’ll give credit where credit it due. The Corvette is a great GT car and the ZR1 is one of the best cars on the planet with its colossal supercharged 6.2L V8. The ZR1 might lack the sense of occasion necessary in the supercar arena, but no one will argue its performance credentials. And I don’t really think that the Corvette’s trunk is that small. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s huge. Also, for all of ChryCo’s shortcomings, the Viper stands as one of their great achievements. Just look up the fastest lap times for production cars on the Nurburgring. Notice which car stands atop that list? Here, I’ll save you the time, it’s the Dodge Viper ACR. Not bad for a car you claim is “not really a driver’s car”. I could go on, easy. 

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VW Phaeton Loses Two Doors, Roof, Back From Dead (2009 Bentley GTC Speed)


The VW Phaeton, better known among laypeople as the Bentley Continental GT range, will see yet another new addition to the family in Detroit at the Auto Show there in a couple of weeks. The humble “people’s car” underpinnings may come as a surprise to those who look at a Bentley and see the kind of automotive heritage that only 4 consecutive 24 hours of LeMans can bring. Sadly, those ‘tween World War days are over. Today we live in an era of automaker platform sharing and cost cutting. Most people don’t know much about the short-lived Phaeton, only that its offspring has been a much bigger successor than the VW could ever have hoped to be. Follow the jump to see the pinnacle of what happens when an altruistic German car dies, but then goes all Cockney Lazarus.

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CarEnvy COTY Awards 2008


It’s December – actually the first December for CarEnvy, and that gives us a unique opportunity: we can be more detached and objective than any other site or magazine because we haven’t driven any of the contenders here. While you might think it odd that we’re giving awards to cars we haven’t driven, you probably haven’t driven them either, and following the industry is beyond an obsession for us so we do have a good idea of what’s good, what’s bad, and what we want. We here at CarEnvy don’t have the luxury of manufacturer invites to press days, but that hasn’t stopped us yet. When the day comes for us to attend such press events, we’ll give you the perspective of the youngest, most Canadian, and most honest individuals around. Until we’re in the shoes of Jeremy, James, and Richard, you’re going to have to make do with our opinions as armchair analysts. Besides, you don’t have to drive a car to want it more than anything.

CarEnvy is about just that, lusting after gorgeous sheetmetal and intoxicating engine sounds. So we’ve decided to find you the most desirable and important cars to hit the streets in 2008 – the Cars Of The Year (COTY). This is not from the perspective of which car is the best to drive or which one handles the best, because we have little first-hand experience. This is a list of winners (and contenders) from eight separate categories based on which one we want the most. Beers were consumed and hours were spent discussing which car would make us the envy of our neighbours and which would have us nursing a semi just by sitting in the drivers seat.

The criteria are simple. The winning car in each category must

  1. Be desirable
  2. Be very desirable
  3. Be more desirable than its competitors without regard for practicality or price (unless needed to break a tie)
  4. Be sold in Canada in 2008 (but not if #1 and #2 are overwhelming)
  5. Be cars. We aren’t called TruckEnvy or SUVEnvy.

Madames et Monsieurs, put your hands together for the inaugural CarEnvy COTY Awards.

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