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Three Eco-Friendly Cars That Don’t Suck

Three Eco-Friendly Cars That Don't Suck

We all like hooning around in our 600-horsepower Mustangs, 320 kph Mercedes, and 23 L/100 km Hummer H2s. Eventually, however, we will have to agree that even though resources may not be immediately short, they will probably soon be immediately expensive. It’s simple supply and demand – more people want more, adding up to less for cheap.

Does that mean we have to drive boring eco-weenie-mobiles that scream our planet-saving intentions like the Toyota Prius or Camry Hybrid? Will we be relegated to the shallow end of the automotive pool, perhaps saving the planet but undoubtedly bored?

Certainly not. We humbly submit three eco-friendly Green-mobiles that won’t suck the life out of you. Cars that are rewarding to drive and easy enough on the eyes. Modern conveyances that are efficient without screaming, “I’m a tree-hugging loony. Would you like a splash of patchouli on your tofu-dog?”

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