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Picture of the Day: Exclusive Club

To line up a McLaren F1-GTR, Pagani Zonda, Ferrari F40, and KTM X-Bow is an accomplishment in and of itself. But you really have to take pause when you find out that all 4 wündercars are owned by the same British bloke. Blimey!

[via @GFWilliams]

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KTM Makes Custom X-Bow For CarEnvy.ca Readers


KTM, Austrian maker of mostly two-wheeled nonsense motorcycles, released the Audi-powered carbon fibre X-Bow sports car to much fanfare for European customers last year. But what about us Canucks? Well apparently KTM has heard our pleas. Not only with the X-Bow be sold in North America and be made street legal, but buyers are also given some optional goodies to choose from that will allow them to enjoy their track-day special all year. Even in the snow. Just look at those tires! They’ve got chains! Freaky. If you like cars, snow and S&M, follow the jump for more. 

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