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Picture of the Day: Exclusive Club

To line up a McLaren F1-GTR, Pagani Zonda, Ferrari F40, and KTM X-Bow is an accomplishment in and of itself. But you really have to take pause when you find out that all 4 wündercars are owned by the same British bloke. Blimey!

[via @GFWilliams]

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Video: HTC Pléthore LC-750 – The Canadian McLaren F1

With the centrally-mounted driving position, this is the first supercar since Gordon Murray’s McLaren F1 to utilize this style. I emphasize supercar because Gordon Murray’s T.25 city car will employ a similar set-up. This driving position only adds to the mystique of the first truly Canadian car of any type since the ill-fated Bricklin SV-1. That, and the fact that this is a full-on supercar with a GM small block providing the power and a body as wide and seductive as an open stretch of unrestricted Autobahn.

And don’t worry about the weak economy crushing this car’s potential, rumour has it that 8 of them have already been sold to eager European buyers. The Pléthore will also be in Geneva next week for their 80th International Motor Show.

[GTspirit via Facebook]

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Where Did Gordon Murray Get The Idea For The T.25 City Car? Geese


But of course! Where else would one get an idea for a microcompact city car, but migratory birds.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to our astute readers though, Gordon Murray is a known aerophile.

This is evident in some of his previous contributions to the auto industry, including the McLaren F1. He also had a hand in designing the Mercedes SLR McLaren, but not as much as he would have had he one that tennis match against Peter Pfeiffer.

Follow below to see how his new project, the T.25 City car, compares against the McLaren F1. I think you’ll be surprised by the similarities to geese as well.

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Top Gear: Hypercar Drag Races (Mercedes SLR McLaren 722 vs. Lambo Murcielago LP670-4 SV)

When I was watching Episode 2 of Season 13 earlier, there was more to the episode than just the Stig photocopying himself. There were also two staggering drag races. The first pitted the new Lamborghini Murcielage LP670-4 SV (and breathe) against the Mercedes SLR McLaren 722. The second saw the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 go tête-à-tête with the McLaren F1. I have embedded the first match-up above, but I’ve left the battle of the hypermegaultrasupercars for after the jump. Can anyone else notice the decrease in production value due to budget cuts in Top Gear Season 13? Me neither.

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Celebrity Car-nadian Questionnaire #3: Randy Rodriguez


His name might not immediately be familiar, but even though you don’t think you know who Randy Rodriguez is, chances are you know more than you think you do. Are you familiar with Nissan’s stunning (yes, Peter, I said it) 370Z?  Then you do know who Mr. Rodriguez is—he’s the man behind the award-winning design of that very vehicle. Luckily for us at, he’s also a proud Canadian and was gracious enough to take the time out of his busy schedule to answer’s CCQ!

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