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F1 News: Concorde Agreement, Piquet’s Dismissal + More

Max Mosley

"The agreement, I swear it was *this big*!" Mosley said, aghast.

It seems that a plan for peace has finally come about in the world of F1…although that plan was leaked ahead of schedule by Max Mosley himself, jumping the gun by four days.

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Video: Captain Jack Really Can’t Die.

Fifth Gear’s venerable Tiff Needell was filling the position of navigator to actor John Barrowman’s rally driver in a £120,000 ProDrive Subaru Impreza, where they were working in a training area in Powys, Wales. Barrowman lost control of the car while doing about 80MPH, and the car slid down a verge and managed to roll four times before nearly plummeting into a lake at the bottom of a hill.

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F1 News: Sir Richard Branson, What Are You Thinking?


Sir Richard Branson after having lost all his hair due to stress, yesterday.

As we mentioned briefly last week, Manor Grand Prix’s inclusion in the exclusive triumvirate of possible participants to round out the F1 grid for 2010 has indeed prompted quite a bit of criticism. Not just up and down the paddock, either, where one would expect to hear such conversation; no less a news outlet than The Guardian has brought some new and interesting evidence to light. You know, in case you weren’t already convinced we should have been rid of Max Mosley ages ago.

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F1 Scuffling: Mad Max Mosley Will See You Out Back After School, FOTA.


A short disclaimer to start out this piece: what will be reported here is mostly not news…at least, not yet. But it’s the furtherance of Ferrari’s previous threat to leave and start their own competing top-tier racing series if the budget caps were to be imposed for 2010.

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F1 News: FOTA Fight the Future!

63_jarno_trulli In the wake of another stunning victory by Jenson Button at the 2009 Turkish Grand Prix this past weekend, tensions up and down the paddock are rising over the budget caps that Max Mosley and the FIA (there’s a band name for you) have proposed from 2010 forward.

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F1 News: ProDrive Serious about F1 Bid in 2010!


Coming just a day after Lola’s announcement of their intent to return to F1 in 2010, ProDrive has now announced that they’d like to get into the game as well!

This wasn’t just some throwaway aside during a larger press conference about something else entirely, either—ProDrive released an interview with David Richards that was geared entirely toward this subject earlier today. Follow the jump for more.

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Video: Onboard Marcus Gronholm’s ProDrive Impreza at Rallye Portugal 2009

Ever fancy taking a drive with a World Rally Champion? Or any other rally driver, for that matter? One of the many cool ways in which the WRC interacts with fans is its Onboard Request Line.

How does it work? Follow the jump to find out.

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WRC News: Sebastian Loeb for King of Universe (2009 Rallye Portugal Results)


Rallye Portugal took place this weekend. You may be able to guess how it turned out from our header graphic here as well.

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