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F1 News: Max Mosley Really Stepping Down As FIA President. Really.

ferrari-biographies-9 So who’s going to fill his shoes? Jean Todt (whom you may recall from such storied motorsport histories as, oh, FERRARI’S) is hoping that it will be him.

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LeMans: Adios, Audi! Peugeot is Perfection!

To cap off a stunning showing at the 24 Heurs du Mans this weekend, the Peugeot Total team scored a major upset of Audi’s seven-year-reign over the race by finishing 1-2. They were, however, gracious enough to leave Audi third place.

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F1 News: Flavor Flavio Brings It To Brawn GP


It’s been a busy week in F1. Firstly, the diffuser row that has created such drama (both on track and off) was finally decided by the FIA Court of Appeal, which found in favour of Brawn GP, Williams, and Toyota. Of course, some people were less happy about this than others—most notably Flavio Briatore. As he was characteristically parsimonious with phrasing, we’ve naturally stuck what he had to say after the jump. Follow on if you wish to read more…;)

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