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F1 Everything-But-The-Drivers Roundup: New Points System, New Stewards System, Silverstone’s Return, Renault, and the 2010 F1 Calendar!

Jean Todt smiles for the camera
It’s official: the FIA World Motorsports Council convened on Friday, 11 December and approved a new points system for F1 that will go into effect from 2010. Follow the jump for more.

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So You Think You Know Your Porsches?

Screen shot 2009-11-18 at 9.32.43 PM

Think again. Porsche is challenging you to put your ear where your mouth is and see if you can match the noise to the car. You’ll have to be more than a Porsche afficionado to get them right, probably more alongs the lines of Porsche zealot with “Stuttgart” tattooed on your arm and a heart with a flat-six chamber arrangement.

Still, if you’re man mad enough, give it a shot and let us know how you made out. If you live in the UK, you can also use this little quiz to win a seat in the Evolution 911 driving experience at Silverstone.

[Porsche - Match The Sound]

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Breaking F1 News: Donington Park a No-Go for 2010

DoningtonPark-02 If you’ve ever wondered what an F1 race staged at this circuit might look like, you can stop. Turns out it’s about 99.99999999% likely to not ever happen, after all. Reasons why after the jump.

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Graham-London G-BGP-001: Gimme That Brawn GP Swag!

graham-london-brawn-gp-le-oversize-2brov.b32a.k10nRoss Brawn and his Brawn GP Formula 1 team have a sponsor in the form of Graham-London, the British-sounding but Swiss-made watchmaker. The Chronofighter and the Silverstone are two of Graham-London’s renowned models, and now they’re both available in G-BGP-001 spec.

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Formula 1: Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel Dominates British GP at Silverstone


Today, the Austrians (Red Bull GmbH) and the Germans (Sebastian Vettel) teamed up today to re-enact the Second World War air raids on London. Although instead of bombs there was a dominant car, instead of London it was Silverstone, and instead of the Second World War it was the 2009 British Grand Prix. Ok, so it was exactly nothing like those notorious air raids. 

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LeMans: Adios, Audi! Peugeot is Perfection!

To cap off a stunning showing at the 24 Heurs du Mans this weekend, the Peugeot Total team scored a major upset of Audi’s seven-year-reign over the race by finishing 1-2. They were, however, gracious enough to leave Audi third place.

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