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Revealed: Volkswagen Scirocco R


The VW Scirocco is one of our favourite cars here at CarEnvy.ca, which is strange when you consider than no one who “works” here has ever seen one in person, much less driven one. But that’s besides the point, because VW has just announced the much anticipated “R” variant, complete with 265 hp. That should be enough to make a WRX whimper and cowl away in a corner.

The price? About twenty-six thousand British pounds. Or, when converted to Loonies, enough to buy a new Mustang GT500. Or even, after perusing eBay’s search engine, a used Audi S6, BMW M5, Dodge Viper, and on and on. Some serious scratch for a FWD hatchback, then.

Full details of the newest ‘Roc are after the jump.

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Video: Onboard Marcus Gronholm’s ProDrive Impreza at Rallye Portugal 2009

Ever fancy taking a drive with a World Rally Champion? Or any other rally driver, for that matter? One of the many cool ways in which the WRC interacts with fans is its Onboard Request Line.

How does it work? Follow the jump to find out.

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Video: Snowfight! (Subaru WRX STi vs. Mitsubishi Evo X)

This battle has raged, it seems, forever. For MotorTrend, it certainly seems that way, as apparently they’ve previously had to instate an “Absolutely NO Evos or STis in this Issue!” rule in their print publication.

They’re not keen on stopping anytime soon, though. This time, they’ve pitted an ’09 WRX STi against an ’08 Evo X, first on stock summer tires and then on Continental snow tires at Continental’s own test track in snowy Northern Michigan. No, it isn’t Canada, but it’s not far off. 

[Source: NASIOC, which has a nice, detailed graphic comparing slippage between the two cars at 2-second intervals which may possibly be more interesting than this video. ;)]

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Video: Utterly Mad Subaru WRX STi-powered ATV?!?

Yes, you read correctly. This baby is the brainchild of one Ken Brough, an apparently completely mad 50-year-old supergenius who hails from New Zealand. It’s got a ’90s STi engine, a five-speed gearbox, and a clutch assembly from an old 1.8L Subie Leone. Regrettably, despite all efforts to the contrary, Mr. Brough wasn’t able to convince the authorities to make his baby street-legal. Pity.

(If you’re Mr. Brough, and you happen to be reading this, I’d like to assure you that I mean “completely mad” in a good way. :D)

[Quad Offroad Magazine]

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Video: Chicago Auto Show 2009: Raptors Aren’t Just Jurassic Anymore (Ford SVT Raptor)

A couple of years ago, Subaru brought along a driving simulator that had you finding out what a dirt rallying experience was like—assuming you hadn’t already done so for real in your own vehicle, Subaru or otherwise. Fun? Yes. More fun than actually driving such a course in a Subaru? Questionable.

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Video: DC Makes Drivers Too

Here is a little video to get your Friday evening on track. It’s of a souped-up Subie (making 530 whp) putting on a fantastic driving clinic. Thanks to Geoff Tomko for the tip. [YouTube]

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