How Hard Can It Be? 1971 Chevrolet Vega


Welcome to today’s installment of How Hard Can It Be, where we examine the cream of the derelict detritus crop unloved orphans that inevitably end up on the electronic chopping block Craigslist. For your consideration we offer a 1971 Chevrolet Vega.

The 1971 Vega was Chevrolet’s answer to the flood of small economical cars from Japan, as well as the established but aging Volkswagen Beetle. A relatively nimble beast, it sported a light aluminum-block four-cylinder and front disc brakes. Compared to its closest US-domestic rivals it wasn’t a terrible car; road tests from the period suggest it went well, handled well, and had timeless looks.

What they couldn’t know at the time was the engine would slag itself overheat if you looked at it the wrong way failed to heed the temperature warnings and the car rusted in the showroom. “What’s that noise?” many a night custodian at many a Chevy dealership would say to themselves. “Oh, that’s the sound of a new car rusting quietly to itself.”

Which conveniently brings us to this car. The photos make it look complete, but that’s because you can’t see the gaping hole where the drivetrain used to be. It lacks a title, but we’re sure you could get around that with Adobe Photoshop and some crayons. Also based on the photos, this rusty turd paint-challenged gem appears to have lived its entire life in a showroom, what with the cancerous floors, fenders, doors, hood, truck, etc. Despite being the incorrect part for the year, the front bumper looks pretty.

Our favorite part of this advertisement is where the seller boldly states, “NO SCAMMERS !! IF YOUR EMAIL LOOKS WEIRD I WILL NOT REPLY BACK.” Apparently, this poor fellow has been  inundated with requests from far-off countries tempting him with wild riches should he send his bank account number and this Vega to Namibia.




  1. Janaki says:

    I am sitting in the dealer’s/waiting for a brand new owner/To drive me into a diner/Think it’s Tom’s, he does the doughnuts/And I’m reaching for my title/And before I get hold of it/”Officer, I swear it’s stolen”/And he says “I hope they paid YOU

    Oh, wait, that’s Suzanne Vega. Not Chevy Vega. So sorry for the confusion! ;)

  2. Harold Adams says:

    Today is April 16,2009 and I was looking at this picture. You have to either be a Vega lover or a Vega hater. I happen to be a Vega lover and if I could find that car and get my hands on it i would love to show you what can be done to a Vega. I hope to hear back from you soon. One more Vega to be saved. This is no joke. I have three already.

  3. Jonathan says:

    I’m not a Vega hater at all. I think the early cars are way cool. And though this one looks a little scabby, it could probably be saved. And it is apparently still available:

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