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Are Russians Really That Bad at Driving?

CarEnvy’s resident Russian explains why Russia generates so many car crash videos.

Typical dashcam. Image credit:

Typical dashcam. Image credit:

By Artem Barsukov

Russia has always been famous around the world for three of its exports: vodka, caviar, and suicidal novelists.

And guns. Lots and lots of guns.

Make that four exports, then. Yet, in the past couple of years, the country has firmly established itself as the world’s number one producer of the web’s latest craze: dashcam videos!

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How Not To Drive Your Bugatti Veyron

Where to begin with this one? What started as a “$&*!, look at that!” cell phone video saw this Galveston, Texas, USA man’s afternoon end in tears as he drove his Veyron into a lagoon. According to this news article in the local paper, he’d swerved to avoid a low-flying pelican.

Also, he was talking on his cell phone. Let that be a lesson to you, kids. Don’t talk and drive. Especially when you’ve got a supercar.

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Video: What’s Russian For “Close Call”? Oh Yea, “опасное положение”

Run, пешеход, run!

[YouTube via Facebook]

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Video: Captain Jack Really Can’t Die.

Fifth Gear’s venerable Tiff Needell was filling the position of navigator to actor John Barrowman’s rally driver in a £120,000 ProDrive Subaru Impreza, where they were working in a training area in Powys, Wales. Barrowman lost control of the car while doing about 80MPH, and the car slid down a verge and managed to roll four times before nearly plummeting into a lake at the bottom of a hill.

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