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2011 Ford Fiesta – The Urbanite Panacea

We talked briefly the other week about marketers and their promises of panacea, and we came to the conclusion that the new Mustang is an excellent car for life on the Prairies. But what about life in the city? Although Canadian cities are understandably sprawling due to our nation’s expansive and largely horizontal geography, there [...]

It’s Funny How Times Change.

  Not funny “ha ha”, more funny as in “interesting”. I wrote an article for no one but myself in July of 2008 that is funny when I look back on it now, and I think you’ll agree. At the time, gas prices were exorbitant and people were fearful or $2.00/L gas. As a result, [...]

CarEnvy COTY Awards 2008

It’s December – actually the first December for CarEnvy, and that gives us a unique opportunity: we can be more detached and objective than any other site or magazine because we haven’t driven any of the contenders here. While you might think it odd that we’re giving awards to cars we haven’t driven, you probably [...]

What are you going to drive after the apocalypse?

We won’t harp on what is already a massively over-hyped financial situation. Yes, it’s tougher to obtain credit these days, but it was far too easy a couple of years ago. Previously, the banks were a joke. I think that the conversation between bank lender and customer went something like this: “You don’t have a job right [...]

Ford Watch 2008: Two Good Signs and Three Bad Ones

Well let’s start with the good news first because the world is already depressing enough as it is. We have the first new pics of the new 2010 Ford Fiesta and the 2010 Ford Mustang. Both are very promising vehicles for the Blue Oval brand as it attempts to return to profitability. Alan Mullaly, Ford’s [...]

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