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2011 Canadian Grand Prix Trailer. In French!

Coming up from June 10-12 at the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit in Montreal, Formula 1 is once again gracing our frozen and barren wonderland. At least they’re going to Montreal, perhaps our country’s crowning jewel, if not just the most European feeling.

This trailer appeals to the francophones among us. Those who didn’t pay attention to Monsieur LeBlanc’s junior high French class are missing out on hyperbolic boasting of driving gods, mythical circuits, and the pinnacle of motorsport. All the usual stuff, then.

Hopefully you can find somewhere more inspiring that a T.G.I.Friday’s to watch the race.

Video is below.

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F1 News: Montreal Back On Calendar for 2010?

It may only be wishful thinking on our parts, we’ll admit. After all, is “Home of the Canadian Car Enthusiast,” and as such, we’d have to be completely nuts to not ardently hope for Formula One to make its triumphant return to the Circuit du Gilles Villeneuve, wouldn’t we?

Well, it’s looking more and more like that might actually happen.

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F1 News: Canadian GP to Return in 2010?

Circuit du Gilles Villeneuve
Of course it’s a song we’ve all heard before, but the CBC have confirmed that talks are ongoing between François Dumontier (NASCAR organizer in Montreal) and Bernie Ecclestone, and that they in fact met on Tuesday to talk some more about putting Canada back on the F1 map where it belongs.

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Montreal: Canada’s Ville Des Lumieres


This past week I spent a few days in Montreal QC, visiting family. Being a more metropolitan centre than Edmonton (difficult to imagine, I know), I fully expected Montreal to deliver the luxury automotive-spotting goods. And I wasn’t disappointed. The standard cars seemed to be Cees, Threes, and A-Fours – they were a dime a dozen. And not just ratty late 90′s models either, I’m talking about 2009 units here. The latest, greatest.

But it wasn’t all just entry-level exec sedans bumping along the cobblestone streets of Vieux Montreal, there were more outstanding highlights that included Maseratis, Astons, Ferraris, Volkswagens Bentleys, and other tarted-up German whips.

Follow the jump to check out the gallery of the cars I was quick and nimble enough to capture.

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Want to Learn Racing? Let Jacques Villeneuve Show You How! (Jacques Villeneuve Academy in Montreal)

jacques1_290x200 Oh, that Jacques Villeneuve. He’s always got something up his sleeve, hasn’t he? It must be nice to wake up being him.

“Oh, I think I’ll go win the Indy 500 today.” And then he does it. “And F1? Yes, a Drivers’ Championship would look nice on my wall.” And that, too. “A music career? Australian V8 Supercars? I’M IN!” Only, of course, pretend that’s all in French. 

What he’s up to now will probably come as no surprise, though. If it does, I’m fairly certain it will be a welcome one. 

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F1 News: Is McLaren Out?


A characteristically ebullient Bernie Ecclestone has spoken out about McLaren’s upcoming appearance before the World Motor Sport Council later this month, and it’s not pretty. Follow the jump for more.

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