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Photographic Retrospective: Formula 1 China Grand Prix 2010

In your face!

Photographic Retrospective – F1 Australian GP 2010

This would be the last time Herr Vettel would smile at the 2010 Australian GP. Just as two weeks ago in Bahrain, his Red Bull car would give up the ghost and cost the talented Teuton another race win. This time though, his RB6 car also robbed him of any points, as a brake failure [...]

Four More Things About The F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain

I’ll be honest. I’ve been a bit skeptical about the 2010 Formula One season. While the driver points changes seemed as though they had the potential to make things more interesting, I don’t think the refuelling ban betters anything for anyone. I’m also in the camp of “Michael Schumacher has everything to lose and nothing [...]

Photographic Retrospective: F1 – Bahrain 2010

There were dozens of stories inexorably interwoven into today’s Bahrain GP, the start of the 2010 Formula 1 season. To try to list them all would be an injustice to all the ones we would undoubtedly skim over. So instead, let’s take a recap of the race weekend through a photographer’s lens. For those of [...]

F1 News: Silly Season in Full Swing

The speculation is over. Our questions have been answered. Kamui Kobayashi will no longer stay on the sidelines, watching all the action; he has been signed for the 2010 Formula One season. Follow the jump for more.

2009 European Grand Prix: Barrichello Shows Those Kids How It’s Done

After a crucial misstep by the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes pit crew with reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton’s front right tire, the 2009 European Grand Prix at Valencia officially became Barrichello’s to lose. So did he disappoint?

Video: F1 Drivers Record Messages of Encouragement for Massa

Sky Sport recorded drivers up and down the F1 paddock offering messages of encouragement to Felipe Massa and have posted them on YouTube. While most fans are doubtless aware that drivers generally speak at least two languages, I’m fairly certain you’ll be surprised at least once during this video.

Formula 1: Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel Dominates British GP at Silverstone

Today, the Austrians (Red Bull GmbH) and the Germans (Sebastian Vettel) teamed up today to re-enact the Second World War air raids on London. Although instead of bombs there was a dominant car, instead of London it was Silverstone, and instead of the Second World War it was the 2009 British Grand Prix. Ok, so [...]

F1 News: Red Bull Racing Will Have Diffusers For Monaco

Ahead of Monaco, an Austrian television program has quoted Sebastian Vettel as saying that Red Bull Racing does indeed have shiny new double diffuser systems ready for its cars for that race. Whether or not this development will give RBR the boost it needs to finally dominate Brawn GP remains to be seen. In other [...]

F1 News: The Curse of KERS Lifted from 2010?

The F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain took place this past weekend and saw relatively little drama occur on the track itself. Indeed, it was more remarkable for the fact that it almost became one of the very few races in the entire history of Formula One wherein all cars present on the grid actually finished [...]

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