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Toyota GT 86, Scion FR-S (Not Subaru BRZ!) “Guess The Price” Contest!

We created a bit of a stir on Twitter yesterday when we took a whispered guess, impolitically converted currencies, and claimed it as a fact. I mean, what’s all the fuss about? But since you’re such an educated bunch, we’re going to see if you can do better AND give you the opportunity to win some free car-related swag.

So, do you want to win a Nissan GT-R 1GB memory stick/key fob, Garant SnoFlex, or a Garant winter hat? Fuck YA you do!

All you have to do is be the closest to guess the TOTAL MSRP (that includes freight and PDI) for the Scion FR-S (NOT the Subaru BRZ, which will also be sold here), also known as the Toyota FT-86, IN CANADA and IN CANADIAN DOLLARS. We can’t emphasize the last point enough. For our international readers who are unfamiliar with the Great White North, a VW GTI starts at USD$24,465 in the States and a frankly ludicrous CDN$30,740 in Canada. No joke.

So how do you enter?

Entries can be submitted in the comment section below or by Twitter mention to @carenvy.

The contest closes when Toyota Canada sends out a press release stating the official price. The winner, the person with the closest guess, will be e-mailed for a mailing address and their choice of prize. The next closest guesser will be e-mailed and asked for their choice, and so on and so forth. Winners will have one week to reply, or the next closest guesser will be contacted.

Good luck all you Toyobaru fanatics!

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Toyota GT 86, Scion FR-S Priced at a Lofty $35,000?

Hopes for Toyota’s return to the sports car segment couldn’t be higher, nor the anticipation more palpable. The enthusiast community has been promised a car with a rear-wheel drive, low price, good looks, a Subaru-derived flat-four engine, low weight, and an even lower centre of gravity. Now all Toyota has to do is deliver on this insanely optimistic outlook. Thanks to the dogged determination of Toyata’s CEO and test driver Akio Toyoda, it now appears to have accomplished everything it set out to and more. Oh, except for that “low price” thing.

Dubbed the Toyota GT 86 (based on the FT-86 Concept), Toyota’s most exciting car in a generation is finally here. And the numbers are amazing:

Weight: 2,662 lbs.

Horsepower: 197

Torque: 151 lb-ft

Centre of gravity: 475mm

Price tag: £28,000, or roughly $35,000 (according to, some 25% higher than anticipated!

But, and there is a but, is it still a good deal?

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Tangential Treatise #4: Have You Ever Wondered What Makes Flat Engines So Special?

Today, Subaru is the only company in the world to use boxer engines and Porsche is the only other company to use flat engines. These engines feature cylinders that are neither inline nor banked at an angle to form a V-shape. Instead, the cylinders lay flat along a horizontal plane. But not all flats are boxers, even if all boxers are flats.

Ok, so that’s mildly confusing, but what are the advantages of this arrangement? And why do only two manufacturers employ the flat engine design? 

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What’s Cooler? Battle Of The Battle Wagons

Life is all about change. When I was young and single I had small cars that fit my life. Rather, I could fit my life into small cars. I could cram almost everything I owned into my 1985 Honda Prelude. Later, when it was just me and the wife, we had cars like a Dinan-modified BMW 325is and a Mazda Miata LE. We couldn’t put much into them, but they were fun and buzzy and you didn’t care if they were a little uncivilized.

But now there’s going to be a third person in our family. A little wonder who will in time learn to tolerate such automotive silliness but may not spring forth unto this world with the car bug that infects his parents. What’s an expectant father to do?

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Saabaru 9-2 Aero X STI: Full Potential Realized


Ever had a vision of the most perfect version of something and then seen someone bring it to life?

This is one of those moments. Follow the jump for more.

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Breaking: Toyota FT-86 Concept Foreshadows Genesis Coupe Rival

03-toyota-ft-86-concept-pressIn a strange case of the mouse chasing the cat, Toyota is chasing Hyundai. The Genesis Coupe, on sale since last year, brought to market an inexpensive (starting at CDN$24,495), RWD 2-door with a manual transmission. Starting in 2011, Toyota and developmental partner Subaru are going to have something to fight back with. This FT-86 Concept, so named because it draws elements from the FT-HS concepts and the classic AE86 Corolla, previews that weapon. The FT-HS is one of my favourite concepts from the last few years, so maybe I’m biased in saying that the new concept is appealing, at least from the front. The sides and rear are derivative and hardly groundbreaking. Or that’s what I would say if I were talking about a company other than ToMoCo. For Toyota, the design is about as radical as the Mazda Furai.

The current buzz is that engines will be Subaru-derived 4-cylinder boxers with outputs from 200-250hp. Good enough for me. And with the resurgent, or at least stabilizing economy, the prospects for this car to see the light of the showroom floor have never been rosier.

So, is Toyota bringing a chopstick or a samurai sword to the knife fight? Let us know what you think and follow the jump to check out the full gallery.

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How Hard Can It Be? 1962 Subaru 360

1962 Subaru 360Subaru makes some quirky cars for quirky people. If you feel like saving the planet but need all wheel drive or abhor the idea of some battery-powered wienie-mobile, a Legacy or Forester is your ride. Subaru also makes fire-farting rally cars for the street, duking it out with Mitsubishi Evos for tuner bragging rights. Are you fast and furious? At the same time? Do you get misty watching Ken Block wheel his WRX around the El Toro air field? Good. This is your bag of fun.

A long time ago Subaru made goofy little appliances shamelessly copied, like many early Japanese cars, from other companies’ designs. Witness the Datsun SPL-311 roadster; think MGB that would actually run in the rain.

Today on How Hard Can It Be? we feature a 1962 Subaru 360. This little box, the first automobile produced by Fuji Heavy Industries’ car division, was based on a German DKW design, of all things. So was its engine, a rear-mounted 356 cc 2-stroke inline 2-cylinder, which at the beginning of production spat out a not-so-fire-farting 16 horsepower. 0-100 kph runs were measured with a lunar calendar and fuel use was roughly double the advertised 3.6L/km. Amazingly, Subaru hacked together almost 400,000 during a production run spanning 1958 to 1971. So hip and happening the 360 continues to be, a convertible is featured in the animated Pokémon cartoon series.

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Video: Onboard Marcus Gronholm’s ProDrive Impreza at Rallye Portugal 2009

Ever fancy taking a drive with a World Rally Champion? Or any other rally driver, for that matter? One of the many cool ways in which the WRC interacts with fans is its Onboard Request Line.

How does it work? Follow the jump to find out.

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