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Are Russians Really That Bad at Driving?

CarEnvy’s resident Russian explains why Russia generates so many car crash videos.

Typical dashcam. Image credit:

Typical dashcam. Image credit:

By Artem Barsukov

Russia has always been famous around the world for three of its exports: vodka, caviar, and suicidal novelists.

And guns. Lots and lots of guns.

Make that four exports, then. Yet, in the past couple of years, the country has firmly established itself as the world’s number one producer of the web’s latest craze: dashcam videos!

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Axis Tuesday: BMW University


Your BMW is going to school to learn, and you’re going to be the teacher. The goal is to make your BMW smarter to help you save time and fuel. BMW is testing a system that can clear you of traffic congestion and divert you to alternate routes if need be.

Basically, the system is going to guess your destination. It will pick up on your typical driving destinations, learn them and store them into its memory. This will help your BMW to get to know you…in a stalkerish kind of way. The more you visit a particular destination, the more it reinforces the location in its memory. So, if you forget to set your nav system, your car will deduce from your driving history that you are likely going to work, and will find a clear route for you to take automatically.

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